Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This is an Attack on Corporations


Corporations were put into place to give the companies added advantages derived from their combined size and power. This new combined corporate power allowed the companies to grow and prosper beyond other non-corporate ventures. The added clout allowed the corporations to bestow their employees with affordable benefits, enriching their lives, thus aiding in the growth of the corporation. So far, so good

The smart corporate leadership teams envisioned the next level of the Industrial Age. They saw efficient organizations, utilizing their fast -growing clout, to buy, transport, and produce products or services cheaper than ever before. They realized that by empowering their employees with improved working conditions, medical care, retirement plans, etc, they were re-enforcing their corporate placement further yet. The enablements were brilliant, producing a new breed of workers, prospering with their new gained benefits, and contributing to a stronger economy, thus increasing the profit line on the corporation. Beautiful !! The average worker, now shares the same economic growth, thus feeding the corporate fires, as well as paying their mortgages, and planning for their futures. So far, so good, right?

So, as the American Industrial Age rolls on with increased momentum, various other chess pieces start making their move on the corporate chess board; Unions, Insurance Companies, more lawyers to grease the tracks, and various organizations such as Workmans' Comp. The corporate engine continually increases its horsepower, and uses all corporate resources to its advantage. And let us not forget the Almighty Stock Exchange. What takes place on Wall St. And other World-wide financial districts, effects the health of the Corporations.

What happens next is anybodies guess at this point, but my guess is that the Power gained nurtured the bedding ground for Greed. History has shown us, that Power leads to Greed; its just human nature, or as some would perceive it, a natural progression of Evolution. The Greed overcomes all other logical motions by focusing all energies on the the bottom line, the end result, the Profit Margin. All aspects of the Profit Margin Phase are continually adjusted, tuning that Profit Margin in its Blind-sighted quest to adjust to the Bottom Line. If we close a facility here in the U S A and operate cheaper in China, or India, so be it. The Bottom Line is producing.

Wait a corporate minute! Is not the :U S economy factor shifted by the loss of American soil jobs, from all the Outsourcing created from the corporate Greed.?? Didn't we agree that the American worker, kept the U S economy rolling strong because the American worker, Was the American economy. Now in today's perverted Bottom Line crunch, the Greedy corporations have cut off their noise to spite their face, tripped over a dollar to pick up a dime, thus severing the symbiotically fed relationship that fed the American economy. And the American worker.

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