Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things Have Changed

There was a time when I was classified as "The Wild Child"

Sorry, "A Real Wild Child"

Mind you, I did not quote myself as a real wild child;  That was the general feel as far as the Yearbook Staff was concerned.

Certainly, I embraced Rock N Roll, and Guitars, and coming from the city to the country, maybe I was a real wild child. 

Of course, we'e talk'n 50 years ago.  Notice the high water pants, London Loafers, and the 1959 Gibson Les Paul Special.

Time marched on, and life evolved, and as my good friend "Ugly" would say "Excrement Occurs"
That was his version of it.  Now I realize, it was a testing and tempering of my soul.  I didn't do to well, looking back on my choices, but that's water over the dam. 

They say you grow wiser with maturity;  I don't feel any wiser.  But I do feel that the speed of life has moved up to a level far faster then the speed of life in my youth. 

The contemplation of that phenomena leads to much soul searching.

My strength and my courage is the Lord.
For He has been my Saviour.

I have had to cut myself off from distractions like TV, Movies, Radio, and secular tastes.

Now, I use the time to contemplate on the Daily Scriptures, continue to compose the Psalms, read more, write more, praise God more.

My activity on Facebook consit's of posting my Daily Scripture Readings, My Daily Psalm, sarcastic remarks where I can't help it, and photos of our Gardens.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you in His Kingdom.  Amen
So our elected officials have decided to come out of their corners pouting and go back to work.  They fit right into yesterday's Scripture readings.  The scribes, and chief priests, and lawmakers, all greedy, pretending to carry out in public what is righteous but their hearts, rotten with desire and willing to do whatever they had to for the sake of their own entitlement to power.

I was under the impression that the government was in place for the benefit of the country.  Silly me; I got it backwards.  Surely they must realize the impact their precious shutdown had on the country.  What do they care, with their padded bank accounts and mansions?  What do they care about the little people that are stepped upon and crushed deeper into a land, seeping with the blood of the inflicted? 

This used to be a country that grew strong under the leadership of men who were God fearing men, relying on the guidance and strength of God to govern our people righteously.  Now, sadly, God is not present in our leadership for we have become a worldly, secular nation of greed and sin.  Woe to us and our future generations who will pay for this with their toil and blood.

Wake up O US of A and see what you've done.  You've turned our great country into Sodom.  Oh how many times will we repeat these sins of our fore-fathers? 

Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

St. Hedwig

St. Hedwig

Feastday: October 16
1174 - 1243

Duchess and widow, the patroness of Silesia, a region of eastern Europe. Also called Jadwiga in some lists, she died in a Cistercain convent, having taken vows. Hedwig was born in Andechs, Bavaria, Germany, the daughter of the Duke of Croatia and Dalmatia. She was the aunt of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. At the age of twelve, Hedwig was marrie to Duke Henry of Silesia, the head of the Polish Royal family. She bore him seven children, and they had a happy marriage. Henry founded a Cistercain convent at Trebnitz, as well as hospitals and monasteries. Henry died in 1238 and Hedwig became a Cistercain at Trebnitz. She had to leave her prayers to make peace among her offspring, and she buried a child who was killed fighting against the Mongols. She died in the convent on October 15.Many miracles were reported after her death, and she was canonized in 1266.