Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things Have Changed

There was a time when I was classified as "The Wild Child"

Sorry, "A Real Wild Child"

Mind you, I did not quote myself as a real wild child;  That was the general feel as far as the Yearbook Staff was concerned.

Certainly, I embraced Rock N Roll, and Guitars, and coming from the city to the country, maybe I was a real wild child. 

Of course, we'e talk'n 50 years ago.  Notice the high water pants, London Loafers, and the 1959 Gibson Les Paul Special.

Time marched on, and life evolved, and as my good friend "Ugly" would say "Excrement Occurs"
That was his version of it.  Now I realize, it was a testing and tempering of my soul.  I didn't do to well, looking back on my choices, but that's water over the dam. 

They say you grow wiser with maturity;  I don't feel any wiser.  But I do feel that the speed of life has moved up to a level far faster then the speed of life in my youth. 

The contemplation of that phenomena leads to much soul searching.

My strength and my courage is the Lord.
For He has been my Saviour.

I have had to cut myself off from distractions like TV, Movies, Radio, and secular tastes.

Now, I use the time to contemplate on the Daily Scriptures, continue to compose the Psalms, read more, write more, praise God more.

My activity on Facebook consit's of posting my Daily Scripture Readings, My Daily Psalm, sarcastic remarks where I can't help it, and photos of our Gardens.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you in His Kingdom.  Amen

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