Friday, April 17, 2009

Rochester NY Skyline

I was driving around this morn, taking photos and sight seeing like a tourist in and around downtown Rochester, NY. I passed through some neighborhoods and my heart sank as I passed house after house, some with boarded up window, some just plain busted out and no boards. It seemed as though I passed through an area of a war zone. In-between the boarded up houses, some families still resided, kids playing in the streets, people out on their porches. I was only going to post the nice scenic pics of the Rochester skyline, but decided to show the ugly along with the beautiful. I wish I knew the solution to the problem, but where does one even begin? Is it imperitive to change the inner city society before we can repair the landscape and neighborhoods? If one started with one busted up home, and fixed it, people would be breaking in and stealing the copper wiring, pipes, and anything else they could sell before one night was over. I wonder if there is a fix at all!