Sunday, March 31, 2013

So, Lent has made it's way for Easter!  We, the faithful have just celebrated the Holiest Week of our Church year.

Last night's Easter Vigil Mass so beautifully depicted the scripture readings from all the Prophets of centuries before Christ, predicting His coming, life, and Crucifixion, to a "T" 
Christ's new church is now over 2,000 years and still growing. 
As in His day, He was rejected and eventually, murdered for His proclamations, just as scriptures indicated.  All predictions have come to pass but one.  The final prediction will come to pass with His second coming to judge the living and the dead.  is our faith.

His beloved Apostles, most certainly did not understand what they were witnessing with their very own eyes.  Even after they witnessed His Crucifixion and found His tomb empty, there was doubt and confusion.  It still took His appearing to them over the next 40 days, wounds and all, eating and drinking with them to fully make them aware of what really had happened. 
Much of today's beliefs and understandings have resulted in denial and disbelief.  Much of the world is celebrating Easter today by watching their favorite movies, making special meals, recognizing meaningless traditions like the Easter Bunny, candy and colored eggs, without acknowledging the true meaning of the moment.  Still, the churches were packed to capacity for Holy Week, and many of the attendees, may not attend church on a regular basis.  The fact that they attended for Easter is still encouraging. 
There will always be hope that someone will be renewed in faith and seek God's mercy and forgiveness. 
God sent His only Son into the world to be flesh of human, and to sacrifice Himself for ransom for our sins.  We have the King of Servants, as an example to us, a role model to follow.  We all are sinners;  We stumble and fall, backslide, and hide, but we only need get back up, ask forgiveness, and know how much we are loved. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Squirel proof Bird Feeding Station

A few years back, I took up feeding the birds in the backyard.  Soon after, I noticed the feeders empty, soon after I filled them.  I took up watch and soon learned that Squirrels too were getting more than there share. 
I saw an article on the Internet and thought I'd try out this guy's method of madness.  He suggested sinking a 6 inch diameter PVC pipe in the ground and mounting the feeder atop the pipe.  The 6" pipe, being smooth and too big around for the critters to hold on to, provides protection from the pesky Squirrels. 
I set off to Home Depot, in search of materials to build my project.  They did not carry the six inch PVC, but could order it for me.  They did carry 4' diameter PVC in 8 foot lengths.  They also had some sort of triple walled 4" pipe much like the PVC but not as rigid, for a fraction of the price.  I opted for the cheaper version. 
I dug a hole about 18" deep and sunk my pipe in the ground.  I believe I sawed off a foot or two, so that I could reach the top without a stool.  Using 3/4"  outdoor plywood, I cut a 24"diameter circle for the feeding platform.  The pipe did tend to flex some so I dropped a landscape timber in the pipe to provide more rigidity.  I painted the round platform Bright Gloss Orange, and used a Lag bolt to secure the platform to the top of the landscape timber.  I left it a bit loose, allowing the platform to swivel.  I mounted the top of a Shepherd's Hook on the platform to hold two hanging round feeders and a Suet cage.  I mounted two pins sticking up from the opposite side of the platform to mount a larger feeder with a spring loaded perch which drops down, cutting off the seed source, if a large bird lands on the perch.

Those piggy birds drop plenty of seed on the ground to feed the Squirels too. 

There's plenty for all.

I was anxious to see how the Squirels would do with the new arrangement, and soon after, I was watching when a Squirrel attempted climbing the pole but to no avail.  He kept backing up for a running start and scramble maybe halfway up the pole, only to slide back down.  Too funny!

The project was cheap.
$ 7.00 for the pipe
   2.97 for the Landscape Timber
  15.00 for the Plywood with leftover.
    2.00 Hardware
$ 26.97 total

Monday, March 11, 2013

How to make something work in lieu of replacement

Our latest Volvo, Hedwig, came with considerable amount of things not working.  We got her late Fall and I did my best to get things roadworthy for our harsh winters up here.  One problem's been two of the five lights in the rear tail light assembly would not light.  I'd be wiggling and twisting the bulb holder to make connection. 
Volvo came up with this flimsy circuit board to direct voltage to the rear lights.  The bulb for the running light and brake light was one of the offenders.  I found a small chunk of the circuit board gone for that particular bulb. 

I found a replacement circuit board on line, and ordered it.
When it arrived, I removed the tail light assembly, unhooked the circuit board wire harness and the ground wire, and brought it in to the bench.  I removed all the bulb holders and bulbs, a seal, and got a better look at the circuit board.  I got the old one off, and started to replace the new one.  At each bulb socket, the circuit board fitted over three small plastic pins to secure it.  When I got the the bulb socket for the rear light/brake light, I found that the pins were melted away, and the area under where the board overheated and burned.  When I got it back on the car, sure enough, my one bulb would not light, even with the new circuit board.  I got my test light out, and poked the wire harness till I located the running and brake lights.  Taking the bulb holder inside, I drilled smalls holes for soldering lead wires to the two tabs for each filament.  Back on the car, I cut the two wires back a few inches from the circuit board harness, and added my new lead wires and secured the connections with wire nuts.  Bingo, the lights all worked on the right rear side!  But not the left rear side!  I could force the light to work if I pushed the back of the bulb holder tabs.  I looked close at the left circuit board, and it looked old and cracked.  So, I repeated my process on the left side and now all the lights work great.  I reckon after 23 years, you gotta do something about those thin ole circuit boards.

Monday, March 04, 2013

As the Vatican scrambles to elect the next Pope, I am amazed but saddened at the public's reactions.  An Italian priest burns a photo of the Pope at Mass, declaring"He abandoned his flock."  This sort of action is not the work of God, but Satin.  A breach opens wider and the enemy takes aim and fires. 
First of all, only time will reveal why our Pope is retiring.  We really don't know the real reason our Holy Father is breaking with tradition.  Whatever the reason, the illustrious media is having a field day with all the sensationalism, and mark my words, most of what is reported is not true.  Journalism used to be an honorable vocation.  It was of the upmost importance that accurate information was reported.  But, like the morality of the entire country, truth has nothing to do with the news.  Sensationalism has taken precedence over morals.  I read remarks like "Catholics are an outdated social club, detached from reality."  That statement couldn't be farther from the truth!  The Catholic Church is standing by the truth and the word of God.  Nothing out dates the word of God. 
Our society has avelanched down Mt. Evil, and is picking up speed as it falls towards the abyss. 
Just like Sodom and Gomorrah, we are repeating history, and will perish.
As you all do your best to degrade our church, know that it is us "Whacky" Catholics that assemble daily to pray for our world, for an end to violence, and end to wars, and end to social injustice. 
It is us "Whacky" Catholics still preaching the word of the good news of the Gospel.
Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.