Sunday, May 23, 2010

Careful, Big Brother, I mean your boss is watching you

Use a computer at work? Your chances of someone in your corporation is watching your use of the computer. How bout charging your cell phone or Ipod using your work computer? It could be watched too. Same thing with your social networking; Your Facebook activities, even your private personal e-mail account can be monitored if you log on with the corporate computer. I have posted previous warnings about what folks say on Facebook. Your private life is over. The advancement of today's technology and more importantly, the dumb things you may be putting out there are not private. The bottom line is: If you don't want the wrong person to know what you are saying or how you are acting, do not make the info public. Nuf said!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Help, I'm melting--I mean ranting!

I must be getting too old for all the stuff I see on FaceBook. I've posted my thoughts on this before and here I go again! Don't get me wrong; I see much good in the site. It gives me a chance to stay in touch with friends and family, esp. out of town. I gives me the privilege of posting my link for my Daily Psalms, though, I've been blocked from even that till I changed some settings!
The negativity I see in many folks publicly here is abundant. I have had to remove some of the "Friends" from my page, for I got fed up with only hearing about the complaints of the day. I was visiting with an old friend this past week and we got to talking bout Face Book. He made a great point. If people think they can say whatever they wish to and think that later, by deleting their account, it will all go away, they are dead wrong. The Internet, just like your computer's hard drive maintains information. Looking for a job? Is it possible that your prospective employer will view your FB account? Do you wish to take that chance? My advice to you is to take care, esp. you younger folks who spout off what ever comes to mind at the time. It can come back to bite you.
Now, I see warnings about the page: Becoming a father or mother was the greatest gift of my life. There are rumors that this page is a group of pedophiles, trying to get to your personnel info. I have some trouble with that possibility, but as my dad used to say, "Nothing surprises me!" I'd stay away from that link. But what about the Daily: Tarot card, Horoscope, Lucky numbers, Fortune cookie, Smiles, Hugs, Balloons, Angel watching over you, Word from God, Fish world, Mafia wars, and God only know what else? Is there not too much of good things? I'd say there is. My advice to people is to use the Face Book with some common sense and prudence. Please, lets not spoil something that we will regret later!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

So long (For Now) old friend

I just received word that a dear friend from childhood passed away this morning; Martin Keymel.
He was such a wonderful quiet spoken person, gentile and loving. We have not run into each other over the last few years but I know he remembers me as I do he. After a brave battle with heart disease, God called him. Now, we call on God to comfort his family, and all who knew Marty.
I must trust in God, that he is in a better place now, free from pain, struggle, and illness.
May the Lord shine his light upon those who knew him. I know I will reunite with Marty soon.

So, we have this ole picnic table in the backyard and last summer, we used it once or not at all! I also have these two wonderful canoes, a tandem WeNoNah 17 footer, and a solo 13 foot Mohawk. I got to thinken, How can I make a more secure place for the canoe stowage, other than saw horses? The Mohawk wants to turn into a kite when the wind picks up! I thought, if I added a short section of 2X4 under the picnic table seats, I bet I'd have enough space to lay the canoes on the seat. Hmm,,,,,,,the after thought was, how can I make it quick to attach and remove (If'n I ever decide to really use the table as a picnic table? If the extension 2 X 4 were to jam up under the wood supporting the picnic table seats, I'd only need one bolt to secure it under the seat. The hole spaced out a few inches from the end of the extension piece, yea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it oughta do it! I used four pieces of scrap 2 X 4's, 24" long, 4 4 " carriage bolts, 4 5/16th washers and a 4 5/16th wing nuts.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Devil in overdrive

As many know, I post a daily link on Facebook for those who wish to listen to my daily Psalm, contemporary compositions I write from bible scriptures from the book of Psalms.

This week, I posted my link, when a box opened up claiming that some of my message content was abusive to some on Facebook. I've tried every which way to circumnavigate the block to no avail.

I pondered all week about the word "Abusive" How can my music, containing nothing vulgar, profane, or anything closely resembling the above be abusive? I now believe that there are some who can find my good news abusive. I am abusing the devil's plans to tear peoples' lives apart. By me being in the picture, I guess I am a threat.

I will still search for a solution to my posting block, but I most assuredly find much comfort in the fact that I am a small but significant splinter in the devil's foot. I am there to fester, and annoy him, without even realizing it!

Jesus warned us, those who follow Him doing anything in His name will face persecution. Somehow, I find that fact, that I, little ole me, am being persecuted for my actions, very warming, comforting, and rewarding.

So, I will pray, and know that I will find a solution to my temporary problem, and that I will have to take a bit more care to put on the armour of God, for the devil will not stop attacking me, ever. He knows he can't really win, unless I am broken down to face the attacks without fighting back.

Life Is Good, very good!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Living in the "Hood"

Last night, we headed out to go to dinner. When we reached Portland Av. we noticed the road was blocked with police cars, right in front of our church. We turned the other way on Portland and I said, "It's most likely an accident." We continued on, had a wonderful dinner, and headed back for home about two hours later. As we came up Portland Av. we could see the street still blocked off; obviously, not an accident. We went home and continued with our night, not talking about the road block. This morning, when I checked the news, I found out, a guy stabbed his girlfriend, and was out in front of our church with a butcher knife. Police responded and needless to say, told the guy to drop the knife. He did not and resisted them. One policeman drew his gun and again advised him to drop the knife. Instead, he held it up to his own throat. Over and over, he was told to drop it. Then the policeman said "I am going to shoot you" three times. After more threatening gestures from the guy, the policeman shot him in the upper leg. All the people that gathered to watch the sensation, screamed to the police, that he had no business shooting the man. I don't know about you, but if a cop orders me to do anything, I have no problem following his orders, but there again, I would not be in his position, stabbing someone, either. The violence is escalating fast. People are shooting each other, stabbing each other, on a daily basis. I'm not sure what the murder count is in Rochester, NY but in four months, I guess it to be between 30 and 40 people killed, murdered, dead, gone from this earth.
I am not a violent person, but I believe the policeman did the right thing. For one thing, the man is not dead, nor did he stab himself. The situation is so sad, so sad. I ask all to pray for the violence to end. Prayer is all we have. Pray for our cities, pray for our law enforcement authorities, and pray for these enraged people, endangering our lives.