Friday, May 14, 2010

So, we have this ole picnic table in the backyard and last summer, we used it once or not at all! I also have these two wonderful canoes, a tandem WeNoNah 17 footer, and a solo 13 foot Mohawk. I got to thinken, How can I make a more secure place for the canoe stowage, other than saw horses? The Mohawk wants to turn into a kite when the wind picks up! I thought, if I added a short section of 2X4 under the picnic table seats, I bet I'd have enough space to lay the canoes on the seat. Hmm,,,,,,,the after thought was, how can I make it quick to attach and remove (If'n I ever decide to really use the table as a picnic table? If the extension 2 X 4 were to jam up under the wood supporting the picnic table seats, I'd only need one bolt to secure it under the seat. The hole spaced out a few inches from the end of the extension piece, yea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it oughta do it! I used four pieces of scrap 2 X 4's, 24" long, 4 4 " carriage bolts, 4 5/16th washers and a 4 5/16th wing nuts.

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