Saturday, April 08, 2006

Enjoy That Cheap Chicken While You Can !!

Sat. April 8, 2006 Enjoy those Chicken McNuggets

To all you junk food junkies: Beware your cheap chicken is not as cheap as you think!
Big corporations like McDonalds are burning off our rain forests to farm their crappy cheap chickens for your McNugget pleasure. So, savor every tasty McBite, for you are paying a huge price for that junk. How this injustice can take place still boggles my mind, but like I said in my first blog " buckyblublog " Corporations are now so powerful that there is no stopping them. They wont stop until every fertile nanno-acre of soil is stained beyond repair in our lifetime or our great-great-great-grandchildren's lives. (If the world still exists as we know it long enough to have great-great-great-grandchildren ) Maybe, between the Mad Cow spread , and the Bird flu flap, the Human race will get the message. (But I doubt it)
I'm surprised the pigs haven't gotten into the limelight with their own pestilence. What catchy
name will we give that disease? How bout Rib-Rot P6s9, or Swillberg Swineneitiis, or just the plain and simple straight to the point Pig Pollenosios, or don't forget Oink-orthogenesis
Names are ever important. We have to give everything a name. And the name normally gets
some cute nick-name to be the politically correct password of the day.
Some will argue that this is all part of the evolutionary process; survival of the fittest My prior most paramount concerns were that we as an evil mankind would sooner or later blow our selves to smithereens with our ever powerful weapons and our seemingly unquenchable thirst for violence and murderous tendencies, but I may be wrong. God has a bigger plan, a much slower, but deliberate destruction of atonement is coming upon us.
Can you say McTonement?

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