Thursday, April 06, 2006


Jesus walked on ice?

April 6,2006
Today's news posts an article claiming that Jesus did not walk on the water, but a sheet of ice! What will they come up with next to disclaim whats already been written in the Bible? One may pick apart and try to call black, white till the cows come home. They can dredge up all the past history weather records, stuff the puzzle pieces into places they clearly wont fit, sit back and say "I am a highly educated individual, beyond believing in the super-natural, and it had to have happened like this." The walking on water, and other miricles alike, were teachings in faith, and were meant to seperate Jesus from the ordinary man. History shows that the people of the times did believe these amazing events, for otherwise, there would have been no reason to convict and execute Jesus in the first place. Once his public ministry was underway, word spread quickly of his doings. Word spread quickly in spite of the lack of technology we are privvy to; world-wide internet, newspapaers, phone, TV, Radio. If Jesus were merely an ordinary man, his work would not have attracted the attention of the governing party of the day. We would have no documented history of his life. Many people were convicted of crimes and tried and punished, but why does Jesus's trial and execution stand out 1974 years later? In fact, why does the entire world recognize that this year is in fact 2006? Why did society change the our time table from BC (before Christ) to AD (after death) at all? The history of the world has made record of many world leaders, and memerable people all shaping our past, but only Jesus has made such an impression on our civilazation. The ENTIRE world marks each year by the death of Jesus Christ. How far will our society go to white wash, twist, sift, and deny the truth?

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