Sunday, April 09, 2006

Just imagine No War

Where the heck do I start? I'm not sure why I get my blood boiling over war, and the Middle East, and the violence, and the non-stop killing. I've known all along that this will never stop. For as long as there have been two or more people on this Earth in the same spot, there has been murder. For as long as there has been more than one tribe, or nation near the same spot, there has been war. When the victorious nations got bigger and more powerful, they didnt stay in the same spot, but spread out, and took over as many spots as they could. Sounds like the good ole U. S. doesnt it? All the big powers ruling the world throughout history fell by the wayside, and of course the U.S. will too; we already have diminished our almighty power by our arrogant, "Stay out of our way, World, We're going where we wish, and will take out whom ever we wish, when ever we wish it." Thats exactly the attitude that Goliath had, I'm sure, even as Davy took him down. The big "G" fell hard, and the US will also the way we are going. We have more enemies in the world than friends. We do business with a good part of the world, but not because we are friends. No, they need our economic support to keep them afloat. But real friends, I dont think so. Our involvement in the Middle East, with Bush at the helm, has done devastation beyond comprehension. Was Saddam evil? Of course, but are we not doublelly the evil ones? We basically told the rest of the world to go to hell, and invaded another country. We already had enough problems back home here, without going over there and sending our own people to their graves in the name of democracy. And what about all the money pumped into that useless, needless war effort? We have our own folks right here in the Gulf living in tents, and trailers as we speak.Think of all that war money we could be shoring up our own country with. And then, there's Iran. Now what? My dad used to say "we're going to hell in a hand basket" but even since he recently passed, he would not believe the speed we have picked up in that ole hand basket. We may call our selves a democracy, but in actuality, we are a Dictatorship. We dictate to the entire World. Meanwhile, people back home here are out of work, as factory, and business of every description outsurce overseas. The Rich--Poor gap gapes wider than ever before, along with the rhythm of the glaciers warp=meltdown. Are we not aligning for the Revelation?

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