Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Persistence Pays Off !!

Last night, on my way home from rehearsal, I stopped to get gas, ( $ 2.96.9 ) Such a steal! I drove off and went about 1/2 mile, and heard a clunk, and thought I saw something falling behind the car. I continued on before it registered that the falling object might be the gas cap. I continued on to the next side street, and turned and parked. Sure enough, the gas cap was missing! I got back in the direction I just came from and putting the flashers on, I slowly drove on the lookout for the missing cap. I could see the gas station within 1/4 mile, and figured I'd gone far enough. Turning around on the nest side street, I slowly drove back in the original direction, but alas, no cap finding. Again, I found a side street, and pulled up and parked. I began walking back towards the gas station, close to the curb, scanning the lawns,street, and sidewalks. It was getting dark. I kept telling myself, "Give up and go home", but my stubborn feet kept moving. I turned around, and started back towards the street where the Volvo was parked, eyes peeled to the ground, transfixed, willing the cap to me, but, nothing! I got to the street where the car was parked, and passed, continuing down the road looking. It was getting darker by the minute. I reached a point where I figured the cap had to be behind me, and about-faced. Again, eyes glued to the ground, I started back to the car. The car was now in sight on the side street, when in the grey dusk, barely visible in the long grass, was the grey cap! The darkness was now complete, as I headed back to the Volvo with my reclaimed prize! Oh the joy of sweet victory!!

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