Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Whole World's Turned Upside-Down

My recent posts spoke of saving gas, slowing down, tailgating, and crazy driving. Well, the stakes just got higher! Sunday, when I got to church, I was informed that one of Teen Alter Girls was hit by a car while crossing the street. Speeding, complete carelessness, and pure meanness (tried to get away) were all playing a part in this senseless act. Its as if a pandemic virus of evilness has befallen us. Yes, Satin's power of suggestion is free to spread, and grow in this perfect environment. But lets not forget that this is the only sway Satin has on us, the power of suggestion. The real blame is on us, the free choice Humans. We make those choices ourselves, not Satin. We all have the power within us to fight back against him with our full armor of prayer, and constant vigilance. We all underestimate the powers we each bestow in ourselves in prayer. Yes, the whole world is turned upside-down crazy! The only way to survive in this evil environment, is prayer, and Jesus. My prayer to the whole world is, that the believers pick up the prayer pace, and the unbelievers, I pray that "something" or "somebody" puts the seed of righteousness in your garden, and as the tiny mustard seed has the power to grow and flourish, so does my sublimial seed sowing takes in your heart. Super-Natural Evil abounds, and we cant fight this on our own. We must use Super-Natural Powers available to us. Remember, faith is the word, and the word is God.

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