Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tailgater, Keep Back !!

So, my last (relevant) Blog concerned getting the most out of your tank of gas, and changing your driving habits.
This week, its more than about saving gas, but saving your life, your car, and getting me angrier than a nest of ground hornets.
Its you tailgater out there!! Either you have forgotten one of the first rules of the road, dealing with a car length distance for each 10 MPH traveled. If I can clearly see the whites of your eyes at 35 MPH, you are too close to me, but at 60 MPH, I must say, is plain UNACCEPTABLE. What are these people thinking? I am not comfortable with my rear mirror completely taken up with the entire grill of an SUV, or Hemi truck. Yesterday, two incidents come to mind right off the get-go. My usual approach to this matter is to tap the brakes a couple of times, and if they are really close, raise my hand in protest. The first tailgater jaw dropped outa sight, and eyes widened, quickly backed off and got the drift. The second vehicle, was a shinny new black Impala. Their response to me was both people in the car got their arms out the windows, and demonstrated 50 different ways to express obscene gestures. That car passed me as soon as possible, repeating the hand gestures , and moving off to the next car in front of them to tailgate further. By the way, they made no headway on me, for a few minutes later, I passed them in my lane, smiling as I passed by. I lost one of my best friends on a motorcycle because of a tailgater, and now I am even less tolerant of that practice.
The next no-no is the car that passes you and cuts you right off, taking up all the car lengths your vehicle is paced at, all the while applying their brakes, for the car now ahead of them is going much slower than they.
My response to these incidents, are real tests of my Christian faith, I gotta tell you!
Please people, slow down, and think about what it means to be traveling at 60 MPH!!

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