Thursday, May 11, 2006

Unreasonable Search and Seizure

More Breaking Big Brother news!
NSA is building a data base using most of the major phone companies' records. They say they they are not eves-dropping, but building a data base to investigate "patterns" What patterns? There are so many calls going on, that the patterns are so vast, that the possibilities are endless on what they can do with that information in the future. And why are so many Congressmen so troubled about this issue?
I put a hold on the G. Orwell novel, 1984. I want to re-read what I read and joked about 35 years ago. In any event, Orwell was only off 22 years, and things can happen fast in this day and age. So today, they say this is in the name of fighting terrorism, but tomorrow, who knows? Today, I have the freedom of the press, but tomorrow, I may be scrutinized for what I'm saying today. So, make no mistake about it, Big Brother is Watching. Right now, they are collecting. Lets see exactly what they do with this infamous data base collection.

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