Thursday, May 18, 2006

We walk by Faith

Last night, I started of driving to church to play a service.
I drove 4 of the 26 miles to church, when all the dashboard
lights came on, glowing in sickening orange-red. I turned the lights
and radio off, and drove to a gas station, and popped the hood, engine running.
The alternator belt had broken. The other belt on the engine, drove the water pump
and power steering. So, the engine was taking all electrical energy from the battery.
The question in my mind was, how far can I drive on the battery power? Besides lights
and fuel pump, and computer, I made a judgment call, and decided to drive on.
My stomach started to ache as I drove and eyes transfixed on the dashboard lights
glowing. I began to pray, "Lord, get me to church to glorify your name; I've waited for
this night to worship your Holy name." I kept praying, and giving Jesus updates on how far I had left to go. My stomach ache receded, and I drove and prayed. I was 15 minutes later
than I wanted to be, and I drove and prayed; no use worrying about what time it is, and
how far I have to go. The closer I got, the signal lights were all green, giving me the go ahead, and I prayed and drove. I pulled into the church parking lot. I grabbed my guitar and headed in. It was then I realized that God did not keep the car going for me, he kept me going
for me. By acting on faith alone, I kept the composure to know I was going to get there.
Faith. A hard thing for us ultra smart humans to rely on. We don't like it when things are not
in our control. By putting my mess in the hands of God, I was not in control; God was.
This realization was not a new revelation to me; just last Sunday at church, the preacher
spoke just those word to us. We walk by faith, not by sight. In fact, we all repeat those words each service closing. The trick is to actually practice what we say.
Last night, on the way to church, staring at those ugly Volvo dashboard lights, it was
easy to practice. Not a life and death situation, but just ordinary life's trials and tribulations.
We Walk By Faith Not By Sight

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