Sunday, May 07, 2006

Oh Bloggy-Oh Blogga

Yikes, Its May and I haven't Blogged yet!! April was my first month of Blog. I've spent time over the past month, reading some other people's Blogs and trying to figure out just what its all about. Folks seem to use Blog for anything; Its amazing. I don't care too much for the ones with a gazilion links, and abrupt music making me jump start in the chair! And some, are very interesting, but they have their comment box locked. I am more or less flattered when I get comments; mostly from friends, (Thanks Tommy & AL !) but not all. Cool. I will try to keep my Blog to something I'm passionate about, or really upset about. Like the deer in my yard right now!Five, I snapped off a couple photos, but they were moving too far for my $ 118.00 camera! Ah, a great start to the morning, black coffee, nature passing right out my window. Now to pack up my instruments, and ready myself for The Walk of Life Christian Center for my morning worship, and my musical ministry. Praise the Lord. Amen

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