Monday, September 23, 2013

Life and times of the Anthem PA

After relocating from Virgina Beach back to Rochester, I ran across my endearing Laney Anthem PA system, complete with light stands.  It was used then and I think I paid about $ 149.00.

It didn't boast a ton of power, but is clean and bright.  I used it playing out solo and had room for a couple more mics or guitars. 

It fit the bill 99 & 9/10's %, letting me down only once in almost 30 years.  That was the time, I left it at a bar in Newark because I played there weekly and I didn't have to load out to the car every week.  Course, others were using it during the week, and one night it was dead.  It ended up being an internal fuse.

I had it serviced a few times at a shop, and I also went into her and cleaned the pots at least twice.

When I wasn't using it solo, I used it for our monitor system in various small bands.

Both speakers have been replaced over the years.

Since I retired playing out, I am selling it.  I just got a call from a school in the city.  They want to buy it for a portable systems in different rooms of the school.

The school happens to be the same neighborhood my parents, uncles, aunts, and many Italian folks settled.  One street where two uncles lived, is now part of a Coke plant  The famous brothers Chuck and Gap Mangeione came from that street, two doors down from my uncle.

Good luck, my little friend,  you've done me great service, and I trust you will continue to serve your next family!!

PS, I hooked it up just now to test everything and she is rarr'n to go!

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