Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wonders never cease

Good morning, Rochester, NY
Just a quick update on my life.
I am no longer doing guitar repairs at Echo Tone Music. The closed minded owner went crazy when he found out I was advertising to do repairs in my home shop as well. Keeping in mind, I have no store front, no real advertising, and expect very little return for my efforts, the store owner still went nuts about it. The truth of the matter is, I was not doing a ton of repairs at his store and only was trying to add a few more bucks per week to my income. Maybe I shot myself in the foot by even trying to add more customers to my repair slate, but now it seems this music store shot themselves just below the belt area with their actions. If I loose $60.00 of income in a week or so, the store will forfeit $ 160.00 in repairs not done, plus the loss of a qualified tech. This all could have been resolved and smoothed over if the store owner had just called me and spoke to me without going postal on me with e-mails, threatening me with Federal Trade Com. copyright breech, bashing me in my own blog and on Cragslist.
So, I am planning a new web site to cater to my guitar repairs, my music compositions, my gigs and my impact in the Rochester NY area. I am sorry for all the customers who bring back their instruments to the store for future work, for now I won't be there. As far as I can tell, and I realize there are most likely a few customers not happy with my work and did not inform me, I am at 100% satisfaction with the majority of the work I completed. So, with the help of some small adds, I must rely on word of mouth by those familiar with my work to keep the repairs and restorations coming in. At the moment, I have a very old Bauer Mandolin to resotre and a vintage Kay banjo from the early 60's to work on.
REPAIRS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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