Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The dangerous streets of Rochester, NY

I read in the news about the 14 year old kid who rode his bike through street traffic and was hit by an emergency police car call. It happened in an inner city neighborhood. The black community is up in arms over the accident, and claiming wrong doing on the police.

The real fact of the matter is pedestrians, bikers, skate boarders, for the most part do not obey the rules of the road. We all are aware the law states pedestrians have the right of way. They really ought to re-word that statement because the pedestrians are actually stepping out in the path of cars all the time, taking advantage of the right of way clause.

I live in the city and drive through the city daily and people do just step out in front of me. Yesterday, I was making a turn onto a street and a young girl on her cell phone, sashayed out in front of the path of my car. She took her sweet time crossing the street causing traffic behind me to honk their horns. I threw my hands up in an impatient gesture to her and she took her defensive posture, waving her arms and throwing me the finger. This is a daily occurrence, not merely occasional.

Two weeks ago, another 14 year old was hit on his skateboard in the street, in the dark, wearing dark clothes, again, believing he had the right of way. He is dead regardless of who's fault it was but the operator of the car was not held responsible.

They really should start giving tickets out to the pedestrians for making illegal crossings against the traffic. Almost nobody takes heed to the cross walk signs; they just walk out there like they are invincible. When I cross a street, I am watching the traffic, and do not waste any time getting to the other side. I don't care who's fault it is; if I get hit by a moving car, chances are high that I am going to be seriously hurt or killed.

My prayer today is that people wake up to the consequences of their idiotic actions.

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