Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Buckybob's Rye-Wheat Rolls


Got about four hours to bake? I made these tasty treats last night.

2 ½-3 cups warm water
1 ½ TBS yeast
1 TS salt
½ cup corn meal soaked in warm water a bit
2 Cups rye flour
2-2 ½ Cups wheat flour
1/8 Cup molasses
1 TBS coco
¼ Cup honey
1 TBS anise

Combine yeast, water, salt, molasses, honey, coco, and corn meal . Start adding the flours, bout ½ cups at a time and mix. Add anise. Add and mix with big wood spoon till you can no longer add any more flour. Dust a kneading area with flour and turn the mixture out of the bowl and start to knead. Add flour over and under the dough as it gets too sticky to handle. Knead dough at least ten minutes or more. When the dough is tacky but not too sticky, the kneading is most likely complete. Grease a large bowl, place dough in, cover with towel, and place in warm area to rise. Allow about 2 hours to rise. Back out on floured board, punch down and spread out on the board like pizza dough. Grease lightly, a cookie sheet, sprinkle some corn meal on sheet and coat lightly. Cut from the dough, and form your rolls, place on cookie sheet. It’s OK if the rolls touch each other. Cover again with the towel and back to the warm rise area. Allow 45 minutes to an hour to rise, heat the oven to 400. Bake for 10 minutes, reduce oven to 350 and bake remaining 45-50 minutes.

You should have produced crusty bottoms and tops, soft and chewy bread inside.
Don't just stand and stare; eat up!

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