Wednesday, September 08, 2010

That's Right, Pass the Blame

I read this morning where BP, the oil giant is blubbering about how the giant mishap is not all their fault. That's as non relevant as a ship captain sinking his ship and saying "I'm not to blame; I did not build the ship.!"

It does not take rocket science reasoning to figure out many things fell into a sequence in order for the accident to occur. What bothers me is the irrelevancy that their statement does to my intelligence. Because of their "oopps," that incident and many others are pushing our beautiful earth over Niagara Falls in a tuna can.

Lets see how fast we can destroy our planet. We are cutting down and ruining almost all of our tropical forests, blasting away our mountain tops to get to coal faster, polluting our oceans and sucking the crude oil out of the earth's crust, eliminating our wild lands in the name of settlement, and who is profiting from all this? Why big corporations, of course!

There really will never be an end to the folly. Power is perverse and corrupted. Power controls the entire world, elects the leaders who will make the laws to benefit the power that is destroying our entire world.

I wonder if God ever gets a stiff neck from shaking His head at our maliciousness.

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