Saturday, September 04, 2010

Food Critic

OK, I'm a breakfast person for my mostly two meals a day. Today, Saturday, Theresa was with her son, getting him settled in his dorm to start his first semester of St John Fisher College, so I decided to go out to breakfast than do some chores at home while she was gone.

I usually go to a great all day/night diner in Rochester but today for time and distance sake, I decided on somewhere a bit closer. I picked Jim's Restaurant on Main St. I have had not too good luck there twice before but I figured, it's gotta be better today! The other two bad times was just a quirk.

I went in and over to the counter. The waitress came right up and asked if I wanted coffee. "Yes, please" I replied. She brought over a cup and pot of coffee, filled the cup, walked away to some other customer and plopped it down. She came back, smiled, and took some other customer's orders, stopped back by and said "I'll bee right with you." Then she proceeded to take more orders from others, and came back by and said something, I did not understand, than went to yet other customers, leaving me sitting there still without coffee. I waited there, trying to be patient for a few more minutes, observing her going by me several more times. I got up and walked out. Three strikes and they're out.
Double thumbs down to Jim's Restaurant, Main St Rochester.

I got in the car and drove the extra distance to my usual diner, Gittzie's on Monroe Av. and enjoyed my western omelet. By the way, I got my coffee, right away, and was served the wonderful omlette in less time than I waited for my coffee at Jim's.

I highly recommend Gittzie's if anyone is ever in Rochester!

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