Thursday, June 08, 2006

Who Am I?

I awoke today, a man in a strange body, in a strange bed, in a strange house. I rise, dazed, my legs unsteady as a new born colt, cognizant thought peeping through my consciousness, as slim rays of sunlight burning through riffs in a massive grey cloud. As I attempt to clear my head, shake off the heavy dream-like cords binding me to another dimension of time and space, gravity pulls me down into surreal bath of impenetrable substance, and binds me in a web of continual sedation. Am I awake and dreaming at the same time? Logical reasoning, and willfull control are altered to such a degree, familiarity, and opaque enigma totter forth and back on razor's edge, and I am removed completely from my body, and watch in worried fascination.

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