Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stick your cell phones,computers and Ipods where the sun doesn't shine

OK, this digital age has gotten out of hand, or should I say people have gotten out of control with the cell phones, laptops, I Pods,etc. You can't have a meal in a restaurant, shop, sit in a waiting room, car, or any other public place without the annoying drone of people on their precious phones. In New York, we put into law talking or texting while driving, and it has not stopped people one bit from what I can see. When are we going to learn? Last week, at a diner, a jerk at a near-by table gets a call, leaves his table, stands right behind me and talks on his stupid phone. I hear them going off in the midst of Mass for crying out loud. They can't even put them on vibrate. Don't get me wrong; I do have a cell phone. It's on 90% of the time, always on vibrate. I turn it off or to silent when I step into the church sanctuary for Mass. If I am in a group of people, I do not stop to answer it; I may check and see who is calling then step out in private and talk. If I am driving, I either pull off the road, or not answer at all. The texting crap is out of control too. We are media crazy all together. It's driven me nuts to the point that I have not even watched TV or gone to the movies any more. Many people don't even watch TV; they simply have it on as a white noise. How stupid is that? Yes, I am on the computer at this moment (obviously) I am not saying all the high tech gadgets are useless; I am saying that most people are way over-board with the continuous use, 24/7. If some terrorist really wanted to pour havoc to the world, they would figure out how to knock off the satellites we use for phone and Internet service. That may be all we need to bring an end to the world!

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