Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday after Christmas

Hello, Blog World!

Dec. 28th 2009 Wow; where did the time go? I guess it's true, the older we get, the faster the time seems to pass. But what have I learned? This year did seem very dis-heartening in many respects. Good folks going their own separate ways, a step son, trying to find his place in a big world, and creating havoc along many lines, the economy taking a dump into the abyss, and wow, I am whining, aren't I?
The good news: I'm still above the grass, the Volvo turns over 249,000 miles and although experiencing some problems, still rolling down the road. Jesus has not left my side. Though all my transgressions, sinning, insulting him, he's still there, merciful, forgiving, loving, the perfect Father. The perfect Father in an imperfect world.

Hold me, Jesus, for I am weak
I hunger for your presence
Seeking the rock to plant my feet
How glorious, my Saviour

Wrap me in your warming cloak
I'm shivering outside it
Only You wash clean my stains
My precious God, my Saviour

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