Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Irondequoit Bay

Sept 4,2008

So.........I have not blogged in way over a year!

I fell in love, I got married, I moved, I ..............

well, you get the picture!

Anyways, I have not had a chance to paddle canoe, since I did all of the above, either. But, last week, I paddled three days in a row! The first day, I went and forgot my camera. I saw so much! The second day, I had the camera, but after a couple shots, the batteries went kapout! The third day, I brought plenty of new batteries, and got some wonderful shots. The south edge of the bay is a labrynith of reeded channels. I used my otter-tailed paddle to go as silently as I could. I rounded one corner, and there was a Great Blue Heren, right off my port gunnel. I don't know which one of us was the more startled! As a rule, they see you coming, and only allow you to get so close before they take to flight. This time, I was already right next to him (or her!) It did take off, but it was closer than I'd ever gotten before to one. I most likely would have not had time to snap a pic, even if I had the camera! Later, I saw an Eagle way up, circling around and around. But the highlight of the day were these Swans. Two of them were doing this mating (I guess) ritualistic dance. I have seen this sort of thing on nature shows, but this time, it was 6-8 feet away from me. Their heads bobbed and swayed in perfect unison. It was a spectacular ballet. The climax was their head and necks entwined around each other. I was simply entranced. Wow! Life is good. The Lord has made such a wonderful world for us.

Peace be with you!

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