Thursday, September 11, 2008


I am approaching 60 years old, and I guess I'm getting sentimental in my old age, but I was just this morning thinking of some of the old friends I had in high school, and later in life. High school, takes me back to the early to mid 60's. We moved to a small village (at the time) of Ontario, NY in 1960. The day we moved in, a kid was out in the road, watching us move in. He came up in the yard, and smile on face, stuck out his hand, and said "Hi, I'm Tom Briggs" Well, we ended up being great friends. As you can see, He's a clown, still yucking it up and making us laugh to this day. The previous pic, is him in high school, with the guitar. I taught him how to play, and we formed a band in high school, called the Chillers. We did dances at school, parties, etc. Just this week, we talked about doing a Chillers reunion, for fun! We ended up marrying two sisters, and becoming brother-in laws. One sister divorced me, and we're back to best friends. Our friendship has lasted 48 years. Life for me, would have been very different, growing up without Tommy.

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