Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cooking Tips

I love to cook and consider myself a pretty good cook, but good cooking techniques evolved over many years.  Here's a few simple but often overlooked things you can do to make things flow smoother. 

First, get a sink of hot soapy water going.  As you use pots, pans, or any utensils, it's easier to wash up as you go along;  It will make the job easier and when you're done cooking, you will have little to clean up but the dishes and maybe a pan soaking.

Try to calculate the cooking times for the courses you are preparing so that you can sort of have things ready at the same time.  It can be tricky at times.  Sometimes, the meat or other big pot is not done as you expected, so it has to cook longer.  This can throw things off and you have to learn how to nip, tuck, and adapt.

Prep your foods so that they are available whenever you need them.  For example, I will peel and slice my onions and place in a dish or bowl.  I do the same with garlic, and any other thing that has to be washed, cut, diced, sliced or otherwise.  I use a few more bowls or dishes, but my ingredients are at the ready.  Remember the sink and hot soapy water? 

Assemble all the things you need so that you don't have to go in search of Curry Powder or Turmeric. 

Use a ledger to record times of your cooking progress.  Make note of what time you put something in the oven, or grill, or anywhere. 

Bon Appetite

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