Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Holidays

Yep, the holidays are upon us once again.  The time when little old ladies turn into demolition derby drivers with their shopping carts in the super markets, and the Black Friday shoppers spend the night out in front of the shopping malls so they can rampage in as soon as they can. 
A time when the majority of parents "buy" their kids love with lavish gifts instead of teaching them the real meaning of the time.  A time when you have to get your father a new sweater to add to the 109 sweaters you've gotten him in the years past.  The poor and homeless folks could use those 108 sweaters, but most people will get larger dressers and enlarge their closets to make room for more stuff they can't possibly use in their lifetime.  A time of peace and good will to mankind, but God forbid you get in front of them on the highway, where you get the sharper image of peace and good will.  A time to re-market the most idiotic gifts, such as the Chia Pets, the Clapper, canned cookies that have enough preservatives in them to last into the next millennium, and a time when desperate people try to rob the bell ringers.  A time when we bring back to life the pagan traditions that really have nothing to do with Christmas;  the mistletoe, the Yuletide logs, the Christmas tree and Santa.  A time when gifting and re-gifting is more important than attending church with your family, and a time for our illustrious leaders to deny us the fellowship of saying "Merry Christmas"  Now, it's all about money, monthly sales quotas, and helping to make the retail industry richer. 
We all are effected by these ridiculous efforts to plunge ourselves into gluttonous pigs.  Each year, we must "top" last years gluttony. 
This is what I wish for Christmas:
For folks to slow down and embrace the true meaning of the holidays.
For families to look forward to fellowship, rather than the drudgery of shopping, cooking, and complaining about the pair of mittens Aunt Suzie is going to hand out (again)
For my children to bring me no tangible gifts, but the gift of their love and fellowship, not out of obligation but yearn.
For people to cut back on the gluttony of the season and be more generous to the poor and needy people going without.
For people to go to whatever denomination of church to worship with their family.
For people to thank God for what we do have, rather than what we feel we must have.

Is this too much to ask?

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