Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Weekend Get-Away

We just got back from a spectacular Finger Lakes Weekend Get-Away!
We stayed two nights in Watkins Glen, but the scenic trips, both down and back, were wonderful in their own rights.
We did not begin our journey, striaght to Watkins Glen.  Oh contrare, many roads will lead to the same destination.  Having other "bussiness" to atend to along the way, made for a wonderful trip down to the Glen.  My first stop was Gorham, NY, SE of Canandaguia Lake, to purchase a Regal Guitar, from yesteryear.  Taking Rt 65, we meandered through Mendon, Bloomfield, through Canandaguia, to Rt 247, then 245 East, then south towards Potter.  We got there and to my dismay, the man was not home or answering the phone.  I headed back to Rt 245 and continued east to14A.  My plan was to head to Geneva and down the east side of Seneca Lake.  WE skirted Geneva, along the Seneca Lake and got on 96A.  So far, no rain!  We did not spot any White Deer along the way and headed to Ovid where we stopped at Meyers Distillery for some Wheat Vodka.  We continued on towards Ithica;  I wanted Theresa to see the famed Taughannock Falls.

They say it's the highest freefalling falls in North America!

These are views from our balconey at the Glen Motor Inn.  This motel, offers the best pannaramic views of Seneca Lake!


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