Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I just don't understand the logic with all the pro gun folks all "up at arms"  excuse the pun. 
I've never heard so many goofy arguments about it in my life.  What you are really fighting for is the right to bear arms, which to me translates the right to kill.  I'm not speaking of the evil one who murdered those poor people in Conn.  I'm talking about the responsible law abiding citizens that pack a gun.  What is your justification for that?  Oh, to protect your family, yourself, your home, and your property.  It's kinda scary thought for me to think that I am a minority, out in this dangerous world, in the midst of the majority of folks packing a gun.  It's even scarier to contemplate the fact that probably a good portion of the gun owners may not be all that competent in using the guns.  We see bad drivers every day and I'm sure that there are bad shooters too. I mean, most people drive the car every day.  Even after logging in thousands of miles yearly, we still have people that are bad drivers.  I seriously doubt the gun folks go to the target range daily.  What is the draw?  Do you crave the feeling of power from wielding that weapon?  Frankly, I wish not to be around those who need to feel more powerful than I. 

This is the real bottom line.  Today's world is evolving into an evil violent hell to abode in.  In part, I believe that this is due to people believing that they must arm themselves for protection by accumulating more and more powerful weapons, every man for himself, awaiting for someone to "Make my day."  Where does it all end?  The evil ones will always acquire the weapon that will shoot farther and longer.  You can't fight violence with violence.  It is impossible. 

I refuse to submit myself to the luck or skill of the draw.  Instead, I will gather my strength in the power of my Faith.  My Faith happens to include the first amendment, stronger than the second:  I am delivered from even the sting of death.  All I have to do is believe what has been passed down and written for 3,000 years.  One has already died for the salvation of my sins, so that I may attain eternal life.

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