Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Demise of a Dream

A few of us remember when our country was strong and vibrant.  I remember, but the vision is tarnished and faded now, like old Plexiglases; opaque, dirty, impossible to see through.  My Dad held one job his whole life for 45 years.  The longest I held a job was 10 years.  Most of the places I worked at closed, caved in, forcing me to move to another place of employment.  32 years ago, when I moved back to Rochester, NY, I first heard the term "Temp Agency"  I found out that most places do not hire permanent staff any more.  You get to work somewhere, but with no benefits or stability.  At about the same time, I began to her tell of another new term " Outsourcing"  American corporations, utilizing China's cheaper manufacturing facilities.  From then on, I could see our American Dream crumble before my eyes.  No longer were products proudly made in the U.S.A.  Why?  The country is controlled by the powerful corporations whose only agenda is the Bottom Line.  In order to increase profits, the product is made elsewhere (as we all know) and the product is thinner, more disposable, and decidedly shoddier.  The good ole Government is run and controlled by the wealth of the world.  We've sold out at close out prices and we're spiraling out of control.  We're at war on more fronts then ever before.  We used to be governed by God fearing leaders.  Now, we're governed by the Evil One.  We have gone to hell in a hand basket.  1984's knocked the door down and the beginning of the end is in full throttle.  A few of us remember when our country was strong and vibrant.  Now, it's the Demise of a Dream.

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