Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey!! Wake up and Raise your Kids!!

I understand our Greece Bus Monitor situation's gone nationwide.  It's amazing how shocked and disturbed folks are about it.  I am as well, but I'm not surprised.  This was just another indication of how sick our society's become.  Parenting's become a lost art.  Many families only involve one parent, and many of the single parents were raised in a single parent family and did not get the benefit of being brought up with the proper values.  We as parents, are denied the right to punish our children as in generations past.  When I was in school, teachers had wooden paddles and used them.  We did not have a bus monitor.  If there was a problem, the driver pulled right over and nobody argued with him.  Even this incident on the bus, some of the parents of the unruly kids are blaming peer pressure from other kids on their own childrens' behavior.  The simple fact is that if kids don't learn proper respect at an early age, they are uncontrollable by middle school age.  I'm a bit perplexed that a 68 year old woman is working in this position.  Whats more, what can the monitor do in this situation?  And why did not the driver pull over and help?  This should be a wake up call to parents.  Teach your kids proper respect or the end result is you have raised a monster.  If this is what can happen in middle school, think of the future of these unruly children!

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