Thursday, June 07, 2012

Gustaff Marks 267,000 Miles

It's a great day in the neighborhood for Gustaff, my1989 Volvo 740 Wagon.Yesterday, at the 4 corners of Marbletown, he rolled 267,000 miles! 

The 2's a bit outa focus, but it's there.  I bought it with 183,500 miles in October 2004, so I've put 83,500 miles on in 7 1/2 years.  That's just over 11,000 per year. 

It's not been without his problems, as us people as we get old. 
It still has to go another 100,000 miles to top my Chevy Van, Vincent Van-go, who clocked in 368,000 miles!

I can't say I've ever had a bad car or so called lemon. 

Hey, change the oil, and try to keep up with the rest of the preventive maintenance, and they last. 
Gustaff's been  fair with me, letting me down a couple times over almost 8 years, but today, he's all gassed up and ready to take me to Seneca Lake tonight, where I'm playing one of the wineries.

I've had my share of most make of cars, including: Volkswagon, Dodge, MG, Rambler (A real dog!), Chevy, Ford, and now up to five Volvos.  They all had names, Olga, Hanna, Schven, Gustaff, and the not yet on the road 1979 245 Volvo: Helka.

Drive safe, people!

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