Thursday, January 05, 2012

Women, a mystery???

This morning's news was interesting.  The world's leading scientist, Stephen Hawking is quoted that women are the biggest mystery in the world.  That's a big statement coming from someone who has managed to unravelling the most intricate of questions about life.  I gotta admit, I am stumped.  Women have certainly driven me nuts trying to figure them out sometimes, but what I believe Stephen's talking about is their paramount purpose for existence in the first place. 
I guess he never bothered to read Genesis.  According to God; you've heard of him, right?  "It is not good for man to be alone; I will create women to be his helpmate."  I am never ceased to be amazed when I read about how someone with vast intelligence beyond my comprehension, can say some of the stupidest statements ever made. 
The first reason should be more obvious to him than to me, who flunked science;  How could we multiply and have children, given our human make up?  God would have had to give us a different human structure capable of uni sexuality.  God, being omnipotent, could have easily have accomplished that, I have no doubt.  No, the reason is much deeper than a physiological differences between man and women.  It is God's ultimate plan for us, being together, man and women one flesh combined forever.  God is not only our creator, but the author of marriage itself. 
I have said and done many idiotic things in my life but, sorry Stephen; your statement is the stupidest 
one I have ever encountered in my life. 

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Seth C. Burgess said...

Ah, great attribution--God the author of marriage. Love it. Thank God for the opportunity to participate in the masterpiece that a marriage can be!