Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More from the uneducated plowboy

I used to believe that my Dad had witnessed so much in his life, from walking a load of phone poles by mule, to the computer age, which of course my father had no interest in. He was a laborer all his life and voted Republican.  He was not too keen on the specifics of world politics.  He was honest, always sincere, and aside from butting heads alot, I can look back and can't help but notice how much he taught me.  He taught me it was good to get your hands dirty.  Manual labor was good for you, all the way around.  His approach was a joyful one and at 62, he could work rings around my 16 year old body.
Moma was the one who taught me how to think and reason.  She had a certain instinct about people and life.  She had a sense of knowing what was in some one's heart, as soon as she met them.  She could smell a rat a mile away.
This is my background.  I learned to take joy in my work, and how to navigate the highway of life from my father and my mother.

I can look back and reflect on how the past has shaped my present, but the fact of the matter is, I live in the present.  I can't compare my life with anyone else, for we all journey on different paths.  They say, walk a mile in my shoes before judging me, but really, you'd have to walk a lifetime in my shoes to know me.
Even if I had to walk it all over again, it would be impossible to recreate the same roads.  Each breath we take, will never be taken again.

Like Dad, I am not too keen on world politics.What I do see is a beautiful world created by God, being manipulated by those of power and great wealth, grinding the lowly and poor under their feet.  This is nothing new; It's been going on since the beginning of time.  Because of greed, power, wealth, and resources, we continue to make the same stupid mistakes, generation after generation.

I still consider myself to be young, not exactly wet behind the ears, but young.  The changes I have seen during my short life, and the increased acceleration of these changes is as obvious as the nose on my face.  I wasn't sure if my perception was being influenced by false or out of context media, but I've since come to grips that it is taking place.  Our society has become a land with false gods and/or no gods.  I'm reading a book by His Holiness John Paul II.  He explains how society has moved away from God over the last 200 years or so.  He believed that man's intellect has progressed so far that the need for a higher authority just is not present, nor the inclination to believe that God came to be born of a virgin, die and be resurrected.  Alas for mankind, so intelligent.

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