Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Will Never Forget

We all know this iconic image.  Marking the anniversary of what we simply title "9/11" we again see the posters and banners proclaiming "We Will Never Forget" 
This same scenario has repeated itself countless times over the centuries since man has roamed the earth.  The repetition is bound to rear it's ugly head again and again, till there's nothing or nobody left to blow up. 
Here's another example of hatred at it's peak; a scene from one of the Nazi Death Camps.  Another "We Will Never Forget" tragedy. 
Hatred knows no boundry; It's part of human nature.  We were given a rule book to live by, but nobody bothers with it.  Our rules of life are so simple, yet seemingly impossible to obey. 
When a terrible tragedy occurs to a people, we are great at responding with patriotic fashion.  Our way of preserving the tragedy is to exercise the mentality of "We Will Never Forget", in order to keep the flame alive of the memory of the people lost in the initiation.
We have come to the conclusion that history repeats itself, yet we can't recognize the nucleus behind why.  The why is as simple and plain as the nose on our face.  We fail to "Forgive"  Forgiveness is one of the most complicated commandments to obey. 
Here's yet another example of hatred and evil at work;  The "Day of Infamy"  I know people to this day that still utter the phrase "We will Never Forget"  over that day and the war that was to end all wars.  The Great War.  What exactly was so great about it?  Was it because we all turned to and returned the violence with the same till our ennimies were defeated?
One last iconic image and I'm sure there are those to this day who still use the "We Will Never Forget" phrase in response to our very own Civil War.

It's OK to remember and honor the memory of those who were taken from us.  But until we can come to the realization that the evil will continue to perservere until we learn to "Forgive" the hatred will remain King of the Hill.

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