Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Blog Stats Aug 16, 2012


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 So this morning, I happened to view the Stats of my Blogs.  Very cool, map of the world, indicating just where your blogs are being viewed, number of page views, etc.
I maintain three Blogs:
Buckyblublog, which contains posts of all natures.
Daily Readings of Faith, where I post the daily Scripture Readings from the Catholic Missal along with  my Psalm Compostions, and as the Blogs states, I post it every day.
And last but not least, I maintain a technical Blog: Repairs Rock, posting articles only about Stringed Instrument Repairs and Restoration.
The stats for the three blogs are pretty amazing.
Blog Title                         Number of Posts                      Number of Page Views
Daily Readings                           291                                        1792
Buckyblublog                              168                                        3118
Repairs Rock                                 29                                        3637
A bit lopp-sided results between my Daily Readings of Faith and Repairs Rock.
Just thought I'd share this!

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