Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saint Gregory II
[Pope Saint Gregory II]Also known as
  • Gregory the Younger
  • Gregory Junior
Involved in Church affairs from an early age. Pope Saint Sergius I ordained Gregory a sub-deacon. He served the next four popes as treasurer of the Church, then librarian. Assigned important missions. Accompanied Pope Constantine to Constantinople for discussions with Emperor Justinian II.
Elected 89th pope in 715. He held synods to correct abuses, stopped heresy and promoted discipline and morality in religious and clerical life. Rebuilt a great portion of the walls of Rome, Italy to protect the city against the Lombards. Restored churches, cared for the sick and aged, re-established monasteries and abbeys. Consecrated Saint Boniface and Saint Corbinian as missionary bishops to the tribes in Germany. English pilgrims increased to the point that they required a church, cemetery, and school of their own.
In his dealings with Emperor Leo III, Gregory’s showed strength and patience. Leo demanded destruction of holy images. When bishops failed to convince him of his error, they disobeyed and appealed to the Pope. Gregory tried to change the emperor’s thinking, counseled the people to maintain allegiance to the prince, and encouraged the bishops to oppose the heresy. It appears he won out.
Papal Ascension

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