Wednesday, February 09, 2011

VistaPrint is eviil!

You've probably heard of them VistaPrint. They offer business cards for free or next to nothing. A few years ago, I ordered some and they were OK (the cards) About two years ago, I ordered some other cards from them and while I was at the checkout window and they already had my debit card no. a box opened up offering $ 10.00 off the amount. I clicked on it. That's when the trouble started. Now's a good time to advise everyone to scrutinize their bank statements as soon as they come in. I did not. A couple months went by and my bank account was kinda low, but I was aware of it. One day, I got a note from the bank advising my of a bounced check. I looked into it and discovered that VistaPrint was drawing a few bucks out and had been the last few months. I called them to resolve it and they told me that I had authorized them to for some service. I told them I did not authorize anything of the sort. They claimed I did not read the fine print. Well, the fine print must have been printed by an ant. I told them to stop that action right away and complained about the NSF fees from the bank. They told me to send them the bank statements and it would be straightened out. I again demanded them to stop this bogus service. I thought I had it straightened out and forgot about it and decided to lick my NSF wounds and move on. The next month, I got many NSF charges for bounced transactions. I contacted them once more and really got the run around. I printed out the last few months bank statements and went to the bank to deposit the money to bring my account back up to at least zero. While I was there, I asked to see the bank manager. I explained to her the problem. She went into my account and verified what I told her to be true. She cancelled my debit card and ordered a new one with a new number so VistaPrint could not continue to dip from me. She then waived all the NSF fees and instead of being minus $ 60.oo, I ended up with plus $ 145.00. It was three days before Christmas. I started to thank her but burst into tears. She smiled and wished me a merry Christmas. I am writing now to warn everyone how we all can't be too careful with our on-line transactions. I later saw a news article about just my problem and they mentioned VistaPrint and other so called legit firms doing that.
Nuff Said!

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