Monday, January 04, 2010


By viewing the majority of posts on FB, what with all the surveys, quizzes, food fights, incomplete phrases like: so & so is in a relationship, so & so is frisky, chillaxin,etc. I wonder, what was it I logged on for? Not once have I seen a post about a new book one is reading. It seems to be all about Mafia wars, farmville, fish farms, fairly ridiculous surveys like, Are the Bible predictions true or false.

I get new friend requests daily, accept them, then never here a single word from that person again! I love it when artists share some of their work, when musicians post where they are playing, or post a link to the new song they've written. When I see someone bashing someone else, I remove them from the friend list. When I see repeated vulgarity posted, I remove them. When all I here from someone is the surveys, the IQ tests they've taken, the games they are playing, the nasty things they may say about folks, I wonder why I'm there in the first place.

Am I too, wasting my time filtering all this stuff, so useless, so meaningless, so trite?

I have been repeating to my son lately, Use this day as if it were your last. Perhaps I should practice more of what I preach!

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